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    Treatments against the red palm weevil
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A gardening company in Jávea

Our work is our passion, and that is the reason why we employ professional gardeners in Jávea who treat each garden in a personalized way. Our clients’ satisfaction is our priority, and every year, there are more communities, companies and individuals who trust their garden and pool maintenance to us.

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Mantenimiento de jardines en Jávea

Garden maintenance

Jardinería Jávea offers you a comprehensive garden maintenance service to suit your needs that guarantees you satisfactory results regarding your garden’s appearance and care.

Our work methodology is perfect for either private or public gardens. We do regular visits in which, following an organized work plan, we carry out the tasks that your garden and pool need.

Pool cleaning

We are specialists at upkeeping public and private pools. Our workers have been certified as pool maintenance technicians by Alicante’s city council, and we have plenty of experience regarding the upkeep of any sort of pool.

We visit the pools regularly to carry out water and pH control analysis, as well as the appropriate cleaning and disinfection tasks.

Mantenimiento de piscinas en Jávea
Tratamientos fitosanitarios

Phytosanitary treatments

Phytosanitary treatments are carried out to prevent and eradicate illnesses and plagues that affect plants and trees, and those who live in their environment.
Knowing the ideal season for every preventive treatment is essential. That is the reason why our employees have Phytosanitary Product Applier licenses (qualified level) as for you to make sure that your garden gets a professional, personalized care.

Installation and maintenance of automatic irrigation systems

Irrigation systems are key pieces in a garden, particularly regarding the grass, and a poorly-designed irrigation system can produce many problems. Our company is specialized in installing and fixing automatic irrigation systems in private or public gardens.

If your irrigation programmer does not work, if it is broken, if an electro valve is leaking, or if a water diffuser is not working properly, don’t hesitate to call us and we will find a solution.

Instalación y reparación de riegos automáticos
Poda del jardín

Pruning of bushes, hedges and trees

Pruning is essential for your garden to look pretty and healthy. As it happens with most garden-related things, it can’t be carried out at just any time of the year, or in just any way. A bad pruning can be harmful, but a good pruning will improve the life and the looks of your trees, hedges and bushes.

Pruning knowledge is acquired with experience, which comes with the years throughout which we have been working with pruning. That is the reason why our company offers the best service. Our years of experience and our satisfied clients endorse us.

Treatments against the red palm weevil

The red palm weevil can seriously damage your palm trees. That is why having the support of the experts in the field is essential, as they can early and accurately diagnose its state.
To ensure the palm trees’ well-being, it is important to prevent the red palm weevil. At Jardinería Jávea, we have the most efficient ways to treat and prevent it on your palm trees. We have gathered years of experience and satisfied clients.

Tratamientos contra el picudo rojo de las palmeras

Why do clients trust us?

Our company has more than 30 years of experience in the gardening business, offering quality, comprehensive and personalized services to individuals, communities and companies who, every year, find peace by knowing their garden is in the hands of professional gardeners.

Professional gardeners in Jávea

  • Maintenance of private and public gardens.
  • Construction and maintenance of artificial ponds.
  • Phytosanitary treatments against illnesses and plagues.
  • Pruning of palms, bushes, hedges and trees.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of all sorts of pools.
  • Planting, trimming and maintenance of natural grass.
  • Treatments against the red palm weevil.
  • Installation and fixing of automatic irrigation systems.

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